Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All In the Family

This just in ... just notified ...

Last year we brought you the story of Margaret Trevett, Democratic candidate for Penfield Supervisor who didn't know when the Town Administration adopts the annual Town budget.

This year it's Ms. Trevett's spouse, Tom Trevett, who's a Democratic candidate for Penfield Town Council.

Today the Fair Election Practices Committee found Mr. Trevett guilty of violating the Fair Campaign Pledge.   The Committee is the creation of the Interfaith Alliance of Rochester and the League of Women Voters.

In an essay published recently in the Democrat and Chronicle, Trevett said of his opponent, Penfield Councilman Rob Quinn, that Quinn "only just completed his education in June."

In fact, Quinn received his Bachelor's degree in 2003 and his Masters in 2007.   Why such a reckless deception by candidate Trevett, when it's so easily found out?

Are the Trevett candidacies the best Penfield's Democrats can do?

Update - Wednesday

It was a unanimous decision, too.   Meaning that all Democratic members of the Fair Elections Committee supported the finding.

So forget Morelle's nonsense about the Committee being stacked against his party's candidates.

-- Philbrick

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, of both Republicans and Democrats: A good indication of how a person will be in office is how they run their campaign.

Councilman Quinn? positive, honest, thorough, committed. A champion for his constituents.

Tom Trevett and his wife? dishonest, sloppy, half ass. Clearly don't research basic, publicly available facts, try to belittle with their snobby, elite We are better than EVERYBODY attitude.

Go back to Pittsford, Tom and Peggy! But then again, the best thing that ever happened to the Republicans in penfield was the arrival of the Trevetts!