Thursday, October 21, 2010

Support Our Republican State Senators!

I hate to disagree with our intrepid Editor-in-Chief, Philbrick.   However, he's dead wrong in implying that we should cut our Republican State Senators loose because they don't live up to his ideal of 100% Republican purity.

Let's not ruin our own cause the way voters did who nominated Christine O'Donnell and Carl Paladino (sorry, but it's true).

Any hope we have of meaningful change in New York begins with Republicans winning back the State Senate majority.

Re-electing Senators Maziarz, Alesi, Nozzolio and Robach is therefore critical to real reform.

If Democrats keep the Senate majority, next year they will gerrymander out of political existence every Republican state senator they can.   Among other undesirable things, that means a completely Downstate-dominated state government for at least the next 10 or 20 years.

Such a regime would never let a proposal for reform in any of the key areas that need changing see the light of day, much less get enacted.   It means total domination of the state's agenda by downstate.   I love New York City and the area, but most people there don't even know where Rochester is, let alone anything about this region's problems, or what it will take to fix them.

Although you'd never know it from reading the Democrat and Chronicle, nearly the entire Democratic leadership of the New York State Senate is either under indictment or investigation.

Just this morning The New York Times reported that Democratic Majority Leader John Sampson and Democratic Senate President Malcolm Smith engaged in bid-rigging for the Aqueduct casino project in Queens:  

State Senate leaders manipulated the choice of who would build New York City’s first casino, leaking information and showing favoritism to a troubled bidder that was donating to Democratic candidates and had ties to key political figures, the state inspector general said Thursday.

Citing possible violations of laws governing public officials by John L. Sampson, the Senate Democratic leader from Brooklyn; Malcolm A. Smith, the Senate president from Queens; and Angelo Aponte, the appointed Senate secretary, the inspector general’s office said it was referring its findings to federal and state prosecutors ...
So when the Democrat and Chronicle trashes our local Republican state senators in the name of "reform" or "changing Albany" they want you to keep the State Senate in the hands of criminals.

They mean keeping it in the hands of a Democratic wrecking crew more extravagantly corrupt than anything we've seen in Albany before, and that's really saying something.   A crew that's accomplished nothing in the 2 years they've had the Senate and would never allow on the floor any meaningful reform of business regulation, cost of government or tax containment.

Philbrick has been taken in (sorry, buddy) by the D&C's sleight of hand:   make sure nothing Democrats don't ever want to change -- which means most of the laws that have destroyed the State's economy and have made our taxes the nation's highest -- ever changes.   The paper seeks to accomplish this by defeating our Republican state senators -- in the name of reform!

Unless you're planning to leave the State soon, the most important vote you'll cast this year will be for State Senator.   If the people of New York are going to have any hope and future, it begins with you, voting for State Senators Jim Alesi, Joe Robach, George Maziarz and Mike Nozzolio.


Anonymous said...

Wrong-O, Mr. Zodiac. The Republicans in the state senate are (along with Pataki) responsible for the destruction of the GOP "brand" in NY. Under Bruno and now Skelos, the GOP has gotten into bed with the labor unions to insure a bloated budget, expanded Medicaid so we have the highest property taxes i the nation, refused to undo the Triborough Amendment and other measures guaranteed to increase the budget annually by 4-12x the rate of inflation, and otherwise been the very model of RINO hypocrisy. I will vote for Maziarz, Alesi, and Nozzolio in 2010, but then start working hard toward finding their Primary opponents for 2012.

Anonymous said...

Anon, if you vote for Maziarz, Alesi AND Nozzolio in 2010, you will probably be charged with voter fraud. Just a friendly FYI.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:14pm, as you might have guessed I'm a community organizer.