Friday, October 15, 2010

Poll Shows Buerkle Pulling Ahead of Maffei

A new McLaughlin poll of likely voters in the 25th Congressional District shows a 3 point increase for Ann Marie Buerkle since mid-summer and a 7 point drop for incumbent Democrat Dan Maffei.

Among likely voters Buerkle receives 40% and Maffei 39%, with 21% undecided.   Maffei still has not broken the 50% approval benchmark.

More details here.


cheri said...

Yahoo for Buerkle!

I've watched the debates between Buerkle and Maffei and she has him on the run.

Maffei voting 97% of the time with Pelosi isn't working out to great for him now.

Voters have had enough and I think that will be evident November!
(I hope) :)

Anonymous said...

Dan Maffei is good friends and has close personal ties with corrupt fellow Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel who's finally being investigated for his corruption.

Maffei knows he's in trouble. That's why he's attacking Buerkle like the whiny, spoiling little rich boy that he is.

Here's a quick quiz. Which of the following politicians are hurting taxpayers and doesn't deserve to remain in elected office:

Dan Maffei, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, or Charlie Rangel.

Regulars here probably realized it was a trick question, knowing that the answer is ALL OF THEM!!!

Dan Maffei must go. Please do the right think people and vote for Ann Marie Burkle!