Monday, October 25, 2010

How About a Fox News Pledge Week

Compounding lies with more lies, National Public Radio now takes the tack that it was right to fire Juan Williams, but it was just done badly.

FOX News should institute a pledge week each spring and fall, to coincide with the NPR pledge weeks.   It would be nice to see how that would affect public radio fundraising.

At least one public radio station has promised contributors that no pledges it receives will go to National Public Radio!

Until NPR explains convincingly why it keeps Nina Totenberg after this, but fired Juan Williams, its stations don't deserve a penny.   NPR won't listen to the public, but will listen to its stations.

No more membership renewal with WXXI for me, unless I see the station publicly demanding an answer to why Williams went but Totenberg stays.


Anonymous said...

Locally, can anyone say wxxi is a content neutral voice? Bob Smith's show has turned into a nonstop stream of leftists and Democratic Party politicians. The only time he has a token Republican on is when he can't avoid them. Duffy, Slaughter etc. have become regular staples on the show. Similarly if you look at the rest of their programming it is all heavily tilted toward liberal or anti-GOP shows. Even Curt Smith, their token local conservative, attacks the GOP more than he goes after Democrats. I don't have a problem with this -- they are entitled to do their own programming -- I just wish they wouldn't do it with my tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Does Monroe County provide any funding for WXXI?

If so, they should cut it off.

Anonymous said...

I want the money back I've already donated!