Monday, October 18, 2010

Losing It

In more ways than one, that is.   Desperate Democratic congressional candidates seem to be hitting their breaking points -- or maybe revealing their true character? -- and resorting to physical violence.

First we have New York Representative Maurice Hinchey hitting and grabbing the throat of a reporter after a press conference last week, as reported by YNN.   That was after the Congressman told the reporter, on camera, to "Shut up!" when the questions weren't to Hinchey's liking:

Then Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter slaps his Republican challenger Ryan Frazier on the hand as they argue over the Health Care law:

Then, of course, there was South Carolina Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge assaulting a student in response to the student asking Etheridge whether he supports the policies of President Obama:

All the mainstream media carping about Tea Party "violence" that never happened, and now a pattern of Democratic Congressmen physically abusing people who ask them questions, or question their positions!   But somehow this doesn't make the evening news, nor generate high-minded editorial calls for "civility."

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