Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beware a Newspaper that Deceives

With breathtaking dishonesty the Democrat and Chronicle deployed this morning an editorial ostensibly warning about political candidates who seek to deceive, but whose obvious purpose is to protect one of the deceivers.

Democrat-masquerading-as-Republican Mary Wilmot was found by all the Democrats and all the Republicans on the Fair Election Practices Committee to have lied on a campaign mailing.

Wilmot claimed Senator Jim Alesi owned a company engaged in questionable practices.

New York State corporation records proved that someone else owns the company.  Not Alesi.   Alesi has no ties to it.

You don't need a "Fair Elections Committee" or any other committee to know that Wilmot's mailing was untruthful. She said Alesi owns the company and State records proved that he doesn't.   Mary Wilmot lied.

Yet under the guise of warning about "deceit," this morning's editorial seeks to protect deceitful Mary Wilmot.

Clearly anticipating the Alesi campaign publicizing the verdict of Wilmot's dishonesty, the D&C repeats political transvestite Joe Morelle's lie about the impartiality of the Fair Election Practices Committee.   It does so even though the paper's own story, by reporter Jill Terrieri, recounted that the guilty verdict for Wilmot was unanimous -- like all other decisions of the Fair Campaign Committee this year.   Meaning that all Democrats as well as all Republicans on the panel found Wilmot guilty of lying in her campaign ad!

The D&C editorialists know this full well.   They ignore it, however, in this shabby editorial intended to cause readers to question the fairness of the Fair Campaign Committee's finding about Wilmot.

Expect the D&C to deploy more dirty tricks in the last five days of the campaign.   Deceitful politicians, even as dishonest as Mary Wilmot, are pikers compared to the masters of deceit at the Democrat and Chronicle.

Power corrupts.   That includes the power of the press.

Republican headquarters should have had a press conference by now, pointing out that the unanimous decisions of the Fair Campaign Committee prove the Morelle/D&C claims questioning its impartiality are completely false.   Why haven't they?


Anonymous said...

The D&C is an arm of the state. Where were they at the Tea Party Protest on July 3rd at Charlotte Beach last year? They were notified, hundreds of people there, no reporters, from the D&C or any of the local television stations... and then reporters'll show up at events where there are a handful of people watching a juggler or some such hokey garbage.

Anonymous said...

Jim Lawrence, Sutter and the other editorial board liberals have long had love affairs with Bill Johnson and now Bob Duffy, not to mention Louise Slaughter, and their decades long apologies for various liberal causes and personalities is nothing if not consistent. Their blinders toward liberal malfeasance is legendary while their contempt for anyone conservative is equally consistent. Jill Terreri is the most recent liberal political reporter, although the angry left is best represented by the new kid Andretta (sp?) who absolutely seeths at anything conservative and fancies himself the next Woodward, so long as the target is a Republican. To blame them for being out of touch with the community, though, is to blame the wrong bunch. Gannett as an newspaper organization promotes a whole range of left-wing people and policies, down to what kinds of photos (and who is in them) appear on Page 1. Their papers in other cities are pretty much the same, all having blurred the line between news and editorials in the news sections and being consistently big government, left wing advocates on the editorial pages. Maybe that's why their circulation rates continue to drop compared to "old school" newspapers like the Wall St Journal, who still think its the job of a newspaper to report the news instead of advocating a political viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, but why doesn't the FCPC defend itself and hold a press conference denouncing Morelle's false claims of bias. That would be much more effective and force the Dems to either acknowledge or attack this bipartisan group. Do you really think the D&C is going to give the GOP fair coverage over their favorite Democratic Party buddies? C'mon, you know better than that. I say the GOP needs to boycott the D&C Editorial Board's bulls#!t process. Let's get that one going!

Ivan Ramos said...

you want deceit? morelle's mailing received today asks us to help him 'teach albany a new lesson.'

suddenly, morelle is a reformer... cuz you know, his boss shelley silver must be dead or something!! oooh! GO MARK SCUDERI!

cheri said...

Yes, GO MARK SCUDERI!!!!!!!!!!

Ivan Ramos said...

headline: newspaper opinion board is full of wow manure!

by Ivan Ramos on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 1:22pm

when the rochester newspaper endorsed andrew cuomo a few days ago, it demonstrated how conservative its opinion board has become, in an odd sort of way. the people on the editorial board never tire of criticizing albany up & down. then they endorse the status quo?

that's quo with a capital Q and a moe at the end...


so quomo destroyed any choice people had in selecting a bank for student loans, he had an enormous role in the subprime/foreclosure debacle, he let state crook alan hevesi avoid any jail time after stealing millions from taxpayers, then the editorialists accept mr cuomo's assurances to be open when it comes to governing even as he refuses to meet with edit boards across the state OR debate his opponent?


it's amazing to me that the d&c edit board is 'endorsing' a candidate for gov that exemplifies everything they criticize about albany!

since the d&c finds paladino so repugnant, they at the very least could have abstained from endorsing anyone... but instead endorsed, even rubber stamped, the way things are! i am utterly & quizzically awed by your conservatism d&c...