Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drag Queens

There's a new drag act sweeping New York that's about to give even Rochester's legendary Pandora Boxx a run for the money.   We're talking, of course, about this year's statewide Democratic election campaign.

Last week, Republican-impersonator Mary Wilmot took her political bump-and-grind routine to Bob Lonsberry's radio show.   Before running for State Senate, her last gig was as director of the Democratic State Senate Majority's regional office in Rochester.   Costumed in full faux-Republican get-up for Lonsberry's softball interview, Ms. Wilmot sounded more like Ronald Reagan than a Democratic candidate for State Senate.   Same for her piece in last week's Messenger-Post papers.

Across the state, Democratic candidates posture as opponents of policies they've supported for years and even decades.   The same policies, demanded by public employee unions and other core constituencies of their party, that killed upstate's economy and that drive the mass exodus from New York.

Putting the camp in campaign, Andrew Cuomo minces across the state in rhetorical lipstick and bustier.   Wherever you turn, there's Joe Morelle vamping in the political equivalent of halter top, hot pants and 6-inch stilettos.

All together now, girls:   here's an example from a pro   --   a foretaste of the election campaign to come:


Anonymous said...

Hysterical post Philbrick! What was up with the Lonsberry/Wilmot lovefest?

Anonymous said...

Lonsberry doesn't like Alesi, and this wouldn't be the first time he has put his personal affections ahead of policy. His love affair with Mike Green and willingness to ignore Green's ethics problems set the pace, and his support for an old school liberal Democrat like Wilmot just continues the trend.

In many respect Lonsberry is like the politicians he talks about -- hypocritical and superficial.