Thursday, September 30, 2010

"An Equal Opportunity Prick"

That's how veteran New York Post correspondent Fred Dicker described himself a few years ago.

Those of us familiar with the Rochester press are unaccustomed to the idea of a straight arrow - tell the truth - call it like it is journalist like Dicker, but that's who he is.

For years, and long before it became fashionable, Dicker's been hammering away at Albany dysfunction, special interests and the blighted state policies that have driven New York to ruin.   His reputation, background and body of work alone make absurd any suggestion that Dicker's carrying water for the Cuomo campaign, or was doing its bidding in confronting Carl Paladino last night.

All Dicker asked Paladino was, "Do you have any proof for your claim about Cuomo and his wife?"   Not just a reasonable question, but the first thing that comes to mind in response to Paladino's allegation.   Nothing offensive about it.

So that's all Dicker asked, and Paladino blew his top.

Here's the deal, Carl:   if you're a candidate for anything, and especially if you're the governor, you're going to be criticized.   A lot.   So if you can't take the heat ... etc., etc.

If you're going to be governor of this state, you're going to need to negotiate, compromise, and work with others.   Or did you miss the part of kindergarten where they talked about that?

So take a step back and learn, quickly, to accept or at least endure criticism without getting into the face of the critic.   Maybe take a look at how Chris Christie, down in New Jersey, handles criticism and makes himself look good doing it.   And he's just as tough as you want to be.

You gave the Cuomo campaign a million bucks worth of free advertising last night, Carl.   If you can, grow up.

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