Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Unshackle Upstate" to Endorse Candidates it Graded "F"

Word is coming in now that, as anticipated here, endorsements to be announced by the ostensibly pro-business group "Unshackle Upstate"include candidates whom Unshackle itself graded "F" in its own "report cards" on legislators.

Developing ...


Anonymous said...

Don't know who your sources are, but David Gantt, Joe Morelle and Joseph Robach are NOT getting endorsed. Susan John is not running again so she wasn't interviewed.

RBA/Unshackle is ONLY considering those that had passing grades for endorsement. They also give money to those they endorse.

They know that if they do endorse those with failing grades they will be criticized as having absolutely NO CREDIBILITY in the community and their organization will crumble.

The HAVE TO endorse all that had passing grades in order to survive. Just wait for their official public annoucement before you jump to conclusions.

Philbrick said...

While we probably need to distinguish between the RBA and Unshackle Upstate, even though Sandy Parker runs both, the RBA already has endorsed Morelle. See the RBA website's endorsement page.

Anonymous said...

That's a typo or something. No friggin' way a business group endorses and democrat this year. Especially Morelle and Gantt.




If this is true, RBA tryuly is a corrupt organization serving the local democrat party that endorses republicans soley to appear bipartisan.

Again if this is really true, I can't wait to see them get blasted for this.

Anonymous said...

Mary Wilmot blew off the State Board of Elections filing dealine. Every else i searched abided by the election law except Wilmot. I know she's a liberal Democrat and they feel the law doesn't apply to them but it's pretty embarassing that you want to be a state elected official and yet you refuse to follow basic rules and laws.

Anonymous said...

David Gantt is the WORST politician for business in all of Monore County/Rochester and RBA endorses him? He doesn't even have an opponent so RBA could have at least made no endorsement to send a message that things need to change in Albany. Instead they support him and by doing so, support the status quo in dysfunctional Albany.

RBA is a joke. Gantt's the punchline.