Friday, September 3, 2010

Stop Reading the Blogs!

At least for a few days.   IT'S THE LAST WEEKEND OF SUMMER, in case you haven't noticed.   And it's Friday.

Go out tonight.   Weather permitting, to one of the summery, out-of-doors type places.   You'll miss them when the weather gets cold.   Or check out the band at Abilene, or at Dinosaur, or elsewhere.

Have lots of drinks.   (Bring designated driver or cabfare).   You deserve it!   And it's good for you!

If going out isn't in the cards, fire up the grill.   Make up a big pitcher of margaritas, to lubricate the machinery while you grill up something simple but special, like these great burgers from the New York Times food section.

Do this, or do something else, but whatever you do, no more staring at a computer screen until Tuesday.   You only get one life.   Live a little, already.

Cheers, Prost, Salute and L'Chaim!

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