Friday, September 17, 2010

More on Unshackle Upstate

We continue to get comments to our piece last Friday, raising questions about the legislative "report cards" issued by Unshackle Upstate.   Worth a look.

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Anonymous said...

I am a member of RBA, perhaps not for much longer, however. It is disturbing to me that Dutch Summers and Sandy Parker together have acquired such influence over the organization. But it is the resultant behavior of Sandy that has been the issue for me. At Dutch's instruction, she made Mayoral Control a huge issue for RBA. Even when Bob Duffy abandoned our community in the middle of the debate, she contrived to make it an issue. How could any logical legislator vote to give control to a Mayor, when we do not know who that Mayor will be...especially when Bill Johnson, in numerous City Newspaper articles has called it a bad idea? Facts are, however, stubborn things...and the fact is that buddies Summers and Parker want RBA to punish a Senator for not doing their bidding ... even though the Dems did not have enough votes to bring the bill to the floor. I for one think that Sandy should resign or many of us should pull our companies out of RBA and start a new OBJECTIVE, business oriented organization! The very concept of "Unshackle" has been tainted by the pair!!!