Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It Takes Four Reporters to Produce Journalism of This Quality

Revealing once more a mastery of facts equal to its understanding of public policy, the Democrat and Chronicle reported this today, in print and on its website, in a story on Harry Bronson winning the Democratic nomination for State Assembly:

Bronson first was elected to the county Legislature in 2005, and always has been in the minority party.  In the Assembly, Democrats hold a 32-29 edge (with one vacancy) but all seats are up for re-election this fall.

No.   It's the State Senate in which Democrats hold a 32-29 edge, and where there's one vacancy.   The State Senate has 62 members.   The State Assembly, for which Bronson's been nominated, has 150 members.   Democrats have 105 (including 2 others who conference with them).

Uncovering data like this requires the most intensive research by skilled, professional journalists, digging deeply through sources the rest of us could neither find nor interpret.

That's why it took not one reporter, but four, to produce copy of this quality.   In addition to the work of reporter Brian Sharp, the story "Includes reporting by staff writers Meaghan McDermott, Jill Terreri and Ernst Lamothe," the D&C tells us in an end note.

UPDATE - 1:30 pm

The D&C has removed from the online posting of its story the sentence stating that Democrats in the Assembly hold a 32-29 edge.   We're glad to render editorial assistance whenever we can help.

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