Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fight Back on Red Light Cameras

So what can you do to defend yourself against the City of Rochester's sleazy money-grab through the use of red-light cameras?

First, know the affected intersections.   The first, starting some time next month, will be at North Street and Clifford Avenue, State and Jay streets, and Broadway and Alexander streets.

Second, expect the yellow light to change to red much quicker than before.   It may be so quick you can no longer get through the intersection on the yellow light.

Third, when turning right on red at the affected intersections, come to a full dead stop.   It means changing the driving habits of a lifetime, but this, more than anything other than shortening the yellow light, is how they expect to fleece the ordinary driver.

The last thing they want is for us all to obey the law strictly.   When we do, the money stops.

Fourth, consider legal devices you can get to thwart the red-light cameras.   This news report discusses some devices intended to do just that:

If these devices are legal and work, better to buy them than pay $50 to Duffy and his looters.

The cost amounts to money you now won't be spending in a restaurant or on entertainment in the City.   Way to go.


Anonymous said...

The most obvious way to deal with these annoyances is to simply not go into the City.

And btw, the way this was handled was classic Duffy. Mumble something that makes it sound innocuous, slide it thru without any significant public consideration, then act innocent when the obvious problems manifest themselves. He'll make a great Lt. Gov.

Man About Town said...

First off, the traffic signals are run by Monroe County. If the yellows get shorter, it's because County Republicans are in bed with City Democrats. We all know that's simply not true. Second, what proof do you have that this would happen? Sounds like you're taking a page out of the kooky Paladino playbook. How about this: don't run red lights, morons!