Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Earth to Paladino

Dear Carl,

You've already blown the election.   You didn't need to make the rubble bounce.   So why the unnecessary and irrelevant comments out of the blue about gay people?

Was there no one to tell you it could only cause trouble?   That you'd alienate the many gay Republicans and conservatives out there?   Or that the only thing you should be talking about are the one or two points about how you'll rescue the state and its taxpayers?

You see, Carl, all the people who had hoped you'd be a successful agent for change would gladly vote for an openly gay candidate for governor, who promised an all-gay administration, if they thought that candidate could change the state policies that have wrecked New York and that drive taxes higher.

The only thing that made sense in your televised catastrophe last Thursday was your comment, "I'm not a politician."   The problem is that you're running against someone who is.   That's how he knows to say things like "No new taxes."   What clever liberal needs new taxes in a state that already taxes bagel-slicing?

If you were a politician yourself, you'd be savvy enough to ask him, "But what about increases in all the existing taxes?"

But you haven't had time to make that point, because you're too busy trying to prove that you don't hate gays.

So what's next?   Did you give a Columbus Day speech to a Native American group?   Will you recount to the NAACP fond memories of eating Aunt Jemimah pancakes while watching Amos 'n Andy?   Will you give a speech to the Larchmont Country Club in that comic Thurston Howell III voice that gets a big laugh at the Bada Bing?

In the Austin Powers movies, Dr. Evil asks in moments of frustration, "Why must I be surrounded by idiots?"   You need a similar moment of clarity.   You're not an idiot.   But you're surrounded by them.   And they're doing a brilliant job of making you look like one.


Rottenchester said...

The video is worth a watch, because he's clearly reading a speech he's never seen before. It was apparently written by a right-wing rabbi who has a congregation of a few dozen. I don't have any problem with supporters contributing ideas to a speech, but it's just stupid not to take a minute or two to read the speech and edit it down, not to mention taking marching orders from a far-out group like that.

Also, on the last post, you were right about Lazio, thanks for the info.

Andreas Rau said...

Unfortunately, the buck stops at Paladino, not his handlers, not the supporters to whom Paladino is trying to suck up.
Paladino has not learned that the media is not his friend, and incredibly boneheaded stunts like this were completely within his ability to handle.
He chose not to.
Nor was his attempt at spin control the next day any more successful; it merely looked like Paladino was patronizing the gay community. It was certainly not an apology.
Paladino believes that the tea parties will sustain him through the election. It won't, when he throws away a ( potential ) million votes at a time, whenever he speaks and acts.