Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's been a while since we've heard much about our favorite political dynasty since the Duvaliers were kicked out of Haiti.

Now comes word that Assemblymen-for-Life David "Papa Doc" Koon is laying groundwork for the next big move for Hizzoner Jason Koon, Mayor of East Rochester.

The plan is for Baby Doc to run for County Legislature next year, taking on incumbent Republican Mike Barker in the 13th Legislative District, covering East Rochester and Fairport.

It's a plan of necessity as much as ambition.

Things settled down after Baby Doc shot himself in the foot over and over in his early days.   But he's had the unique disadvantage of being on a Village Board whose proceedings not only are televised on ER's cable access channel, but have unusually high viewership.

We'll be merciful, and leave it at saying that verbal/presentational skills are conspicuously lacking in the younger Koon's repertoire.   TV coverage of the Board meetings have made it brutally apparent.   Between that and some other publicly-known embarrassments, Baby Doc is now unelectable in East Rochester.   When this term ends, that's it.

Unless he can get before an electorate that hasn't seen him in action.   Hence, Papa Doc's plan to run him for County Legislature.   With the ultimate goal of having him one day succeed Papa as Assemblyman-for-Life.

Will history repeat itself?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if local elected officials get drug tested before they take office and periodically throughout their term? It would seem to make sense due to their responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous one why would you ask that question ? Also in regards to this current board and the meetings... Let's talk about Mike Flan. ranting on and storming off out of the meeting while the cameras recorded.. Once again you have a very narrow minded one sided ignorant point of view. Where you get these stories or facts would be laughable but you guys pride yourself as real bloggers so it is just sad..