Friday, May 14, 2010

Mystery Candidate Goes for Family Court

Last night the Monroe County Democratic Convention nominated LaMarr Jackson for Family Court.

Will this nomination prompt a repeat of the still-unsolved mystery of The Case of the Missing Judicial Ratings?

Last Fall, the Monroe County Bar Association suppressed results of the attorney ratings for Jackson and fellow Democratic judicial candidate Paloma Capanna, after completing the rating process for both.

No explanation from the Bar Association and, of course, since the candidates in question were Democrats, not a word in the local media about this mysterious occurrence.

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Jessica said...

I interviewed LaMarr three years ago when she was running for Henrietta Town justice against Jim Piampiano. At the time, LaMarr was a registered Republican who was running on the Republican ticket. It appears she's since switched parties, since she got the Democratic nod for Family Court. From what I can remember about her, she was very well poised and worked for Harris, Chestworth & O'Brien, which has offices at the Linden Oaks Office Park in Brighton.