Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to the Future

The President in upstate New York!   What an exquisite symbol of his administration's domestic agenda.   Here he stood, just last Thursday, in New York, the showcase of all the domestic policies he'd like to impose on the whole country:   over-taxation, over-regulation, runaway spending, a welfare state more expansive on every front, and politics controlled by the public employee unions and the trial lawyers.

Here in upstate, we've been living the Democratic dream agenda and its consequences for years:   a dead economy, no job creation, highest costs of doing business in the country, and those who can heading for the exits, with resultant population decline.

To the rest of America:   Behold your future!   Obama's administration proposes to do to the nation what the policies of their Party have done to New York.   In that sense, Thursday's visit was not merely a trip from Washington, but a trip in time -- to the future, to see what the whole country will look like if the President's agenda prevails.

For New Yorkers, at least it will cure the problem of population flight.   Once conditions in New York are nationalized, New Yorkers will stop moving out.   Because then it won't make a difference.   There will be no place to go.

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