Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's all over East Rochester:   the first official act of Hizzoner Jason "Baby Doc" Koon has been to demand the resignations of three civil service employees of East Rochester, thereby violating the New York Civil Service employees law.

Baby Doc dropped off his letters demanding resignations at Village Hall the other day, then, according to East Rochester residents who contacted us, beat a hasty retreat.

He also demanded resignations from six other Village employees, without consulting the Village Board or even the Village attorney, according to outraged East Rochester residents.

In East Rochester, apparently, as in the old days in Haiti -- heads will roll -- legally or not!


MattFox said...

Since Koon can't actually fire anyone without the approval of the village board, one has to wonder what he was thinking when he handed those letters to the village administrator. I suppose we could give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is engaging in some kind of cunning, psychological brinksmanship, but given his performance at the last board meeting, it is more likely that he was just clueless, and actually thought he had the legal authority to demand resignations and fire people.

As horrified as I was when Jason Koon got elected, I never thought it would get this bad this quickly.

Anonymous said...

Jason is stupid and has no clue what he is doing and can he read??? He couldn't even finish a sentence at the meeting with out laughing. His daddy can't help him now!!

Steve Woznick said...

As a former resident who now lives in Fort Lauderdale I was shocked to hear this unbelievable story made it to the Sunshine State already. What was once a quiet, proud and great place to live appears to have turned into a "Deadwood" type of town where the Mayor playing the role of the new Sheriff in town is going to branish his six guns and rid the towns folk of all their villains and trouble makers. The Sheriff should look at our history and how well this model community has run since it's days as Dispatch. But then again, the mayor having no established blood lines in the Village may not even now the history of the village and the hard work that it's residents put forth to make it the "Home of Champions" (again I apologize to all forgetting that the Sheriff may not know that term as well.) I still have family who live in East Rochester and look forward to returning in April to see my kids and grand kids. I just hope I can get through the barbed wire that will probably surrond the Village by then.

To the loyal residents of ER, I feel your pain and feel sorry that you have all have been made the laughing stock of the Greater Rochester area. But then some of those loyal rsidents have no one to blame but yourself, you voted for the Sheriff!!!!!

allan senefelder said...

According to Mike Flanigan as quoted in the D&C article in the Saturday morning edition, the boy king has the right to do it, its just that its never been done before.

Anonymous said...

I think Jason is doing a wonderful job. It's about time someone stood up and cared about the village. For far too long these 9 NON-CIVIL SERVICE (yes, I checked my facts, you should too) employees have only allowed themselves to get pay raises without doing much. If you compare the salaries of our village employees to other villages in the county you will see down the board that everyone makes at least 1/4 more than the same employees in other villages. That is not counting positions created simply to employ a family member. Please start caring about the village, rather than doing things the Minarick and Republican way next time you post.