Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Politicus Interruptus

The Democrat and Chronicle may have occasioned some disappointment today with its report on local members of congress leasing vehicles with taxpayer funds.   Among them are Tom Reynolds and Jim Walsh, both wearing the scarlet "R" and therefore Certified Villains.   If the list stopped there, imagine the editorials to follow.   Imagine the postings in rarefied precincts of blogland where they know that Bush didn't just plan the 9/11 attacks, but actually flew the planes into the Trade Center himself ! (It's all explained in Loose Change.)

But just as the Truly Virtuous might have felt the stirring of an outraged response, along comes the third member of Congress named in the story:   Louise Slaughter.

Thus are the Enlightened silenced.

Jeez, Louise !   Whydja have to ruin all the fun ?

At least get Randy to lease a Hummer.


Philbrick said...

Local blogger Rottenchester, with characteristic intellectual integrity, has a posting on this subject today.

Philbrick said...

And this morning the Democrat and Chronicle editorialized on the congressmembers' car leases