Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Susan John to County Court?

We wrote recently that LaMarr Jackson appears to be the favored candidate for appointment to the Monroe County Court vacancy created by the election of Judge Alex Renzi to Supreme Court.

A correspondent tells us, "Not so fast."   He says Jackson won't get it because of the question about her Bar Association rating, and that Assemblywoman Susan John will get the appointment instead.   John abruptly announced two weeks ago that she won't run for reelection.   She did so in a written statement, avoiding questions.   Since then she has refused to comment about why she's standing down or what she'll do next.

An intriguing idea, and certainly the Bar rating matter wouldn't help Jackson as a candidate this November.   But we don't know.

Could John win a county-wide election?   Or anything other than a district gerrymandered to favor her party?   Even with such an Assembly district, she typically has had narrow margins of victory for an incumbent, with some near-squeakers in recent years.   We don't think Democrats would appoint someone with such questionable chances in November.

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angry_white_male said...

With her DWI conviction some years ago? No way.