Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is D&C Admitting it Backed the Wrong People?

The Democrat and Chronicle's editorial board has either changed its mind a lot or is telling us that it's been endorsing the wrong candidates.

In yesterday’s editorial, the editorial board asks state lawmakers to change their behavior, criticizes them for not working together, and makes a point of stating that the legislative and executive branches of state government are controlled by Democrats.

Pop Quiz:   Can you tell me who in state office today from Monroe County was endorsed by the Democrat & Chronicle?

Right you are my friend:   Joe Morelle, David Gantt and Susan John.

Next question:   What members of the Monroe County Legislature depend for their regular paycheck on these same state lawmakers or on an agency mostly funded by one of them?   I am sure that I will miss a few but here goes:   Harry Bronson, Vinnie Esposito, Calvin Lee and Glenn Gamble.  Those are Democratic County Legislators who owe their day job to one of these three state lawmakers, and whose independence as local lawmakers is therefore subject to question.

Legislator Carrie ("Are you looking down my blouse yet?") Andrews, is an employee of the teacher's union, and therefore owes her paycheck to the ultimate boss (or one of the ultimate bosses) of those three state legislators.

Last question: Of the County Legislators mentioned, how many of them were endorsed by the D&C the most recent time they ran for election?

Yes, right again!   All of them.

All of those county legislators operate under a cloud of suspicion, as to whether they're doing what their bosses -- whether their state lawmaker bosses or for Andrews, the union's bosses -- tell them to do.   They are probable pawns of Albany, which the D&C tells us in its editorial doesn't, and doesn't intend, to work to help the everyday working person and the families that keep our community going.

We'll see whether the D&C is serious about "fixing Albany," or whether they're just faking it, by who they endorse for election to the State Legislature this fall.

The original posting incorrectly identified County Legislator Saul Maneiro as an employee of a state-legislator-funded entity.   Legislator Maneiro is employed by the Rochester Area Community Foundation, which is funded through private donations, not by grants from the State Legislature or its members.  The Democrat and Chronicle endorsed no candidate in the election for Mr. Maneiro's legislative district.   Our apologies to Legislator Maneiro, and our thanks to him for making us aware of this.


Saul said...

I would like to clarify two factual errors. First, I work at the Rochester Area Community Foundation, which is funded through private donations. Second, The Democrat and Chronicle did not make an endorsement in my race for County Legislature.

Saul Maneiro
Legislator, District 29

Joshua said...


Thanks for reading my work; I look forward to more comments in the future.



Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that your old buddy Frank Allkofer from Gates works for the State Senate.

Anonymous said...

I know you're talking about County Legislators but remember to also add Cynthia Elliott from RCSD board. Her job at Baden Street is funded by David Gantt with our state taxdollars to the tune of $750,000 the last few years. Although I think D&C endorsed her and then took it away.

Then there's Lovely Warren who sits on City Council AND works directly for Gantt collecting nice salaries from both.

I wonder where their loyalties lie? With the people or with Boss Gantt.

Anonymous said...

Im curious why you didnt mention other people the D and C endorsed like Sen Alesi and Rohbach? Or were you only looking at democrat endorsements. I have seen the D and c endorse both sides of the aisle. And for incumbants.

Joshua said...

Anonymous 3:

Yes, the D&C does endorse a few Republicans but only in races that are really not competitive. These are token endorsements so that they can say that they are fair and objective. If you don’t believe me look at all of the races that the D&C has endorsed a Republican, not really competitive races. I know what you are thinking…But Joe Robach (not Rohbach) has a large enrollment disadvantage! Although this is true, Joe transcends party lines. Anyone that is politically astute in Monroe County knew that Joe was going to win.