Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Phony Expulsion for Monseratte?

The contemptible New York State Senate apparently has just enough shame to worry about public reaction if it fails to expel convicted girlfriend mutilator Hiram Monseratte.

Late word is that it's considering a resolution to expel him effective six months from now.

Some penalty.   That's tantamount to no expulsion at all because it would give the girlfriend-beater until the remainder of the Senate session before the summer break.   All the active Senate time left in his term would be September and October, and the Senate's in recess most of that time anyway, because Senators are up for re-election in November.   Queens Democrats already have said they won't re-nominate Monseratte for reelection.   So a delayed-until-June "expulsion" really would give Monseratte until the rest of his term, for practical purposes.

Absolutely typical of the New York State Legislature:   to contrive the appearance of doing something while not really doing it at all.   How many members of the general public understand about the summer recess, and the September/October downtime?

Just when you think the moral and genetic trash that constitutes the New York State Senate can't look more ethically repulsive than it does already -- somehow, they find a way.   Even by just considering a subterfuge like this.

Will the Senate go this route?   Who knows.   If it does, when your State Senator comes around this fall for campaign events, go out to greet him.   Bring a horsewhip.

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