Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Penfield Democrats Snub David Koon

At the Penfield Democratic Committee meeting last night, Assemblyman Joe Morelle gave an update on the status of the New York State Budget.   The meeting was publicized and was public.

Why is this a big deal?

Because Assemblyman David Koon represents Penfield in the New York State Assembly, not Morelle.   Morelle represents Irondequoit, part of the City and Brighton.  I bet Assemblyman David Gantt would have something unprintable to say if Morelle came into his district to give a speech!!

So why is Joe Morelle visiting Penfield, a suburb outside his district?   Possible reasons:

1. After 12+ years in the State Assembly, David Koon is incapable of giving a summary to the public of the New York State Budget.

2. County Democratic Chairman Morelle is trying to rehabilitate himself with Democrats after his party's catastrophic 2009 election performance, for which many Democrats point the finger of blame at him.

3. Morelle is branching out to suburbs outside his Assembly district to test or prepare the waters for his planned run for County Executive next year.


simon said...

A County Executive run next year? That is laughable, he is not even capable of giving a few of his “volunteers”(I wonder if these are WFP volunteers from outside our area)awards at a diner.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. No chance that David is out of town on vacation ? No chance maybe just maybe he asked for Joe to fill in ? I love this website. You guys find the smallest thing and attempt to make a big deal of it.. I only check this area to see the latest stupid thing you come up with.. Good job again ...

Joshua said...


We spotlight large and sometimes small things, as they give a glimpse of larger looming issues. We are humorous in our writing, just as Democrats at all levels are in their governing. The difference is that we're trying to be funny, but they can't help it. From the Federal health care plan (how many times has that changed?) to the state that can’t pay refunds to taxpayers; to the county Democrats that fought against having a few bicycle trails in a couple of the parks. If I am not mistaken County Legislator Eckel, on the legislative floor, asked for a “buzz buzz button” if ever there was a crossing on Empire Blvd. Really, we just can’t make this stuff up! One question; how is it that welfare recipients in NY got an increase in entitlements and hard working and now retired seniors got what amounted to a decrease in Social Security? Do you see this as wrong or are you too left and blind to the real world?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:56 is onto something. Dave Koon's been on vacation from representing the people ever since he became an Assemblyman. I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit to find that he blew off the event.