Monday, February 1, 2010

Kudlow for Senate

Last week we told you about Assemblyman Brian Kolb being approached to run for U.S. Senate.

It's an interesting Senate election in New York next year because both seats are up for election:   Kristen Gillenbrand's, because of the timing of Hillary Clinton's departure from the senate, and also Senator Charles Schumer's, because he'll be at the end of his 6-year term.

Apparently CNBC's Larry Kudlow is being encouraged to run. There's a Draft Kudlow effort under way, and the Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore reports that Kudlow met last week with Michael Long, Chairman of the State Conservative Party, and that Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee head John Cornyn is urging Kudlow to run.

Kudlow could run for either seat.   Without committing himself, he's told the Journal's Moore that "getting Schumer out would be a real public service."

Especially if he's replaced by Kudlow, a classic pro-growth Reaganite Republican.

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