Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who's Looking Out For You? Not the Government!

In last weekend's edition of USA Today there is a graph showing that 51% of people watching the Super Bowl watch for the commercials, 49% for the game itself. I love both the game and the creativity of the commercials, so I intently watch both.

One commercial that really caught my eye was the U.S. Census Bureau’s thirty second commercial. It cost taxpayers $2.5 million. In a time of tough economic and financial difficulties for American families, I couldn't believe the US government could waste money so flagrantly. I mean, $2.5 million for commercial during the Super Bowl!

This is a government that's not looking out for you, that doesn't care about the financial well-being of American families or how much your family has to pay in taxes.

The federal government seems to look out for everyone except the hard-working families who pay the government's bills. We're supposed to shut up and just support the government that treats us like serfs.

Check out the full story
on the government's census advertising spree.

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