Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sleaze Out, For a While

Schlock radio curiosity Alan Levin got the boot today from Entercom, owner of radio station WCMF.

Yeah, yeah, he's a Rochester institution, etc.   But so's a high murder rate and we'd be better off without that, too.

Here on dear old Mustard Street we listen to public radio.   So we only get to hear about icky stuff like the presidential campaign, while over at CMF "Brother Wease" wanks on his microphone, or does whatever it is he does, to bring a little ray of morning sunshine into the lives of the tatooed.

Wease only swam onto our specimen slide last fall, when he shilled for a sleazy candidate for local office, trashing his opponent on the air as a "douchebag" and worse.

The victim of Wease sleaze on that occasion runs a restaurant, so it's kind of fun to think of Wease's next job as sweeping up behind the restaurant's dumpster.  Or on a little AM station in the sticks with a 4-mile signal.

However, for whatever it is that he does, Wease has a following, which means commercial value.   Another well-established station in Rochester will pick him up eventually.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot beleive this outta touch whack ass got picked up by Fox Radio 95.1, it is definately amazing. Lets rewind the clocks back to when 95.1 was an alternative station and aired the other shock jerk Howard Stern. It didn't take them long to figure out that was a losing proposition and I am sure "weasel" will find the same fate once he nussels in and starts jerkin off on their air waves. How is it this over rated washed up poor excuse for a talk show personality can be brought back into primetime morning radio? I would have loved to listen to the reveiw board comments in charge of hiring him after they preveiwed his portfolio. I bet they just sat there and looked at each other and thought, we better have a good civil rights lawyer on hand, and a good diversity PR guy to un jam us when we get jammed. To conclude why is it that he has to find a female co-host to work with him? Is it because his lame morning presence needs the opposite sex to arouse his funny boner and get him "up" in the morning? I am sorry but the guy is repulsive and in my opinion washed up. Good luck Fox radio, I hope you get what you so dearly paid for, even a dead horse is useful in that it can be used for glue, I don't think weasel is the stick of glue you need to hold your place in the market. It (he) to me is a sure loser.