Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Political Interference With City Police

On Saturday David Gantt and his followers illegally disrupted a committee meeting at the County Legislature. Rochester City Police were present to aid Sheriff's Deputies.

But, we have learned that just at the point the RPD officers were needed to help restore order, they received a call from a higher up, telling them to do nothing to assist in arresting any lawbreakers. Some say the higher up was the Chief of Police.

And who gave the Chief, or whoever made the call, his orders?

It's a sad day when the City plays political favorites in upholding the law.

Another piece of news you won't be reading in the Democrat and Chronicle, which gets more openly partisan by the day.

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Gidget said...

What a shame, first that elected officials behave in such a disruptive manner, then to have civil servants, paid to uphold and maintain law and order interfere.