Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Freak Show Follow Up

Filling in on observations in the middle of things when I was trying to figure out the posting/liveblogging thing on my own (sorry, I'm new to this).

1. Not only Sandy Frankel, but also Rick Dollinger and Willa Powell -- all three candidates for the nomination to run against Robach, were there. Dollinger and Powell unloaded same empty pandering as Frankel.

2. Demo. leader Harry Bronson acknowledged he signed on to the selection process put forward by Wayne Zyra -- before Gantt got to him. Bronson is an employee of the State Assembly. Gantt can have him fired any time.

3. Gantt was NOT arrested, just escorted out as I posted. He must think if he was arrested for the same thing within a week, maybe he'd face some actual penalty.

Note: What is this about people "deciding" whether they're going to get arrested or not? Like deciding which shoes to wear with an outfit? Don't police decide that? (And what was that stuff on Saturday about "discussions" about who was going to be arrested. Isn't the answer to that question that it's the people who break the law get arrested?)

4. A badly-behaved woman was led out, and actually was arrested, I was told. Seemed like someone living on the streets.  Somebody said she might be a nun, named Grace Miller.  If this is a real "nun," then Britney Spears is the Virgin Mary.

5. Quatro quotes from letter from 1977, from somebody criticizing the process back then, saying Ed Nowak, who was appointed in the 1977 process, was too young and didnt have experience to be good PD. Legislator Ted O'Brien pipes up that, "If we're talking about individual candidates' credentials, we need to go into executive meeting" (meaning kicking the public out.) Legislator Jose Cruz quickly tries to calm down O'Brien, recognizing stupidity of his comment. Quatro then says, we don't have to go into executive meeting to talk about credentials of the candidates of 30 years ago. Duh.

6. Funniest moment. Legislator Carrie Andrews said she was "trembling with rage" over public defenders' selection. Later, Majority Leader Dan Quatro says he and Andrews are "trembling together." Andrews giggles coquettishly.


Mr. Peabody said...


I consider myself quite 'technologically challenged.' I had to have my 14-year old niece show me how to do some of this stuff. Pretty sad.

Great info. from the meeting last night. I initially posted at that Gantt was arrested, based on the D&C's reporting. Who would have thought differently?

Regarding your comments:

1. It's embarassing that these three would use this issue to try and grab some free press to help in their primary fight. However, each are more 'political activist' than 'elected official' anyway, so I'm not surprised.

2. I had no idea that Harry worked for the Assembly! That explains this whole thing. Maybe I'd back down too if my boss held my job over my head. Gantt's ruthless. Harry was also photographed several times scheming with Gantt's protesters, so it's obvious he had his 'marching' orders.

3. I love Gantt's quote that he'd skip an Assembly meeting in Albany in order to disrupt a County Leg. meeting back home. The Assembly is in session right now. Does Gantt put that down as vacation time or did we pay him for this?

4. It is indeed Grace Miller. Although I don't know if she's still a nun. I think she might have been kicked out because she was more focused on getting arrested rather than her duties as a nun.

5. Heck, I would have entertained Ted's motion for executive session. How would the Dems whine and complain then? Cruz is smarterer.

6. I read her article. Was she serious? Carrie is just a union special interest shakedown hack whose union helped her buy an elected office seat.

Again, great job Lucy!

Crazy Eddie said...

"Bronson is an employee of the State Assembly. Gantt can have him fired any time."

So when is the Democrat and Chronicle going to run a front-page story exposing this blatant conflict of interest?

Of course the D&C will say nothing about it at all. It would never make it past the censors at Democratic Headquarters who approve each edition of the D&C before it goes to press.

A PLEA TO RUPERT MURDOCH: Please ... PLEASE take over Gannett and bring some shred of integrity to this wretched excuse for a real newspaper!