Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blogging from Gantt's Freak Show at Leg.

Intended to do liveblogging from the Monroe County Legislature Meeting, but didn't get the knack down, so here's a report on the whole meeting.

5:50 pm County Legislature Room jammed with David Gantt supporters. Looks like they arrived very early to pack the room.

Also, a lot of County Sheriff's deputies, something like 15 to 20. Looks like legislature gave up on City police after City powers that be told RPD members here on Saturday to sit on their hands ...

6:10 pm Deputies scanning Gantt's crew on legislature floor. There's said to be an audio feed at the City Place building, across the street from County building.

6:12 pm Gantt bickering with deputies. Shouting.

6:15 pm Gantt escorted out by security. Also strange woman. Somebody says a nun.

6:30 pm Speaker denouncing process. He was on panel 30 years ago. Spoke over time allowed and escorted from podium.

6:44 pm One of the "Reverends" spoke, then led a walkout of the Gantt contingent. Public section now only a few people

Gantt protesters and Reverend's comments now reduced to just playing the race card. Complained about security. Right -- you disrupt meetings so that security is needed, then the next meeting, when security prevents you from disrupting things, you call it "racist."

No shame. No integrity. No class.

Sandra Frankel, Brighton Supervior speaking. Very negative. OK folks -- Sandy's definitely running for State Senate. But I thought she had more class than to be as divisive as this for the sake of posturing for her next political run.

6:55 pm More people coming into public area.

8:04 pm Dem. leader Bronson says the meeting disturbances weren't orchestrated by the Legislature Democrats. Again with the Big Lie. Their role in all of that should be investigated.

8:19 pm Majority Leader (Republican) Dan Quatro talking about the original screening committee that Bronson and Dems approved. Why then dis they suddenly back out? Makes them -- the Dems -- beholden to politics.

8:22 pm Quatro said selecting a candidate locally is good for the community. All the candidates were worthy.

8:26 pm Danaher confirmed by vote of 15 R to 14 D.

8:38 pm Meeting adjourned.

Note to County lockup: use Gantt and "nun" for taser practice.

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