Thursday, February 14, 2008

“You wonder why a guy go into Missouri and shoot some damn body.”

The words of David Gantt, while led from the County Legislature meeting he disrupted on Tuesday.

And the Democrat and Chronicle whines about the security arranged for that meeting.   At this point they're no longer journalists, but unindicted co-conspirators.

See and hear Gantt's signature utterance for yourself, below.

This from the man called "a distinguished citizen" by Legislator Paul Haney.   Was Haney smoking something that night?

The Gantt Rant also appears at the 2:00 minute mark in a longer video from Channel 13, that at about :38 seconds includes Legislator Paul Haney's priceless hysterics.


MattFox said...

That's precious. What kind of assemblyman shows up to a public meeting in a baseball cap and the kind of clothes that you wear to clean out the basement? It's disturbing to see anyone act that way in public, but when it is one of our elected leaders, it's truly horrifying.

Kudos to Mike Barker and the rest of the public safety committee for following through and maintaining the integrity of the hiring process.

scape32 said...

Can you imagine if you're here on business staying at the downtown Hyatt and you see this crap on the local TV?

A bunch of retro shuffling fogies, representatives of the local community, acting like moronic tough-guys in the name of civil rights and justice.

Not exactly a positive image for the Image City.

I'd cancel all my meetings and head for the airport, early.

simon said...

I finally figured out why Gantt is Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, he is so good at road blocks! He blocks community cooperation, good laws, good processes and anything else that wasn’t his idea. The next time he act like this, he should dress in something spiffier then the rags that he had on. His NYS DOT jacket would work well.