Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dirty Tricks They Didn't Report

The curious myopia of the Democrat and Chronicle and some broadcast media limits their perception of "dirty tricks" only to those they claim to be deeds of Republicans running for office.

Therefore, while recollections of the recent campaign are fresh, here's our own roster of dirty tricks the media didn't report.

•   The D&C itself  kicks off tricky season, giving over its front page to a contrived puff piece promoting the Democratic candidate in a competitive race.   The paper named him as a candidate previously, but never says so in its free front-page campaign ad.

•   In Webster candidate Carmen Gumina stage-manages a well-planned smear against Legislator Dave Malta, using intermediaries to claim that Malta criticized special needs students in a mailing.   The mailing contained no such statement.   Channel 10, then the D&C, eagerly give legs to the lie.

•   School Districts go partisan by firing off district-wide mailings just days before the vote, criticising the Brooks budget plan, in Parma and other districts deemed competitive.  A taxpayer-funded partisan mailing for Democrats.

•   Candidate Ted Nixon deploys his pal Brother Wease as surrogate to vilify Nixon's opponent on Wease's radio show each morning, and at length, in the days running up to the election.   Among other things, Wease and his entourage call Anthony Daniele "kid," "douchebag" and "liar."   And those were the nicer words.   Nixon then mails a campaign piece saying:   "Ted Nixon will never resort to negative campaigning.   You can count on it."   "Because words really do matter."   Right, Ted.   Especially words like "douchebag."   You have the next four years to look it up.

•   Assemblyman David Koon mails out a "constituent update" with the name "Koon" prominent, timed just before the election in East Rochester, where Koon's son, Jason Koon, is running for Mayor.

These are some dirty tricks that readers made us aware of during the recent election campaign.

Any more that you know about?


dot said...

Nice to think the Democrat & Chronicle people who did that lame story giving Nixon free publicity are eating their hearts out because he lost.

The punishment they deserve.

Pittsford Pete said...

The night before election Demos pulled down Republican signs all around Pittsford. Also on nite before plastered rights of way along the main routes with their signs and put signs up where Reps had received permission and Demos had'nt.

Both things in open violation of Town sign law. But did it late enough that Reps could'nt make issue of it before voting day. Worst offender on illegal signs was judge candidate Nolan.