Monday, November 5, 2007

The Out of Towners

No, we're not speaking of the Neil Simon movie about an Ohio couple's misadventures in Manhattan.

Some folks commenting on a recent posting told us they're involved in Democratic campaigns in East Rochester and Pittsford.   Two of the three identified themselves, respectively, as Co-Campaign Manager, and Coordinator of Volunteers, for county legislature candidate Ted Nixon.

A Google search demonstrated to our satisfaction that all three honestly represented their campaign affiliations and activities.

The search revealed something else.

Nixon is running for office in District 10, consisting of Pittsford and East Rochester. And yet...

Thomas R. Janowski, Co-Campaign Manager for Nixon, lives in ...Gates!
He's a member of the Gates Democratic Committee.

Monica Gilligan, Volunteer Coordinator for Nixon, lives in ... Brighton!
She's been Secretary of the Brighton Democratic Committee.

Andrea DiGiorgio, who confirmed she's campaigning for Democratic candidates in East Rochester and Pittsford, lives in ... Henrietta!
She's a member of the Henrietta Democratic Committee.

People may volunteer for campaigns anywhere.   We admire that they do, including the three commenters on our posting.

But we wonder what East Rochester and Pittsford residents might think if they knew a candidate's campaign in their district must be run by people from other towns.

Ted Nixon is the candidate for county legislature found guilty of lying to voters by the Fair Election Practices Committee.   Together with Google, our three commenters reveal yet another false front to the regrettable Nixon.  If the Trickster's campaign is grassroots, it's only with people whose roots are ... elsewhere.

It tells you something about a candidate when he can't find people in his district -- not even his own town -- to run his campaign.

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