Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank You, Cheryl DiNolfo

Praise is due to Monroe County Clerk Cheryl DiNolfo for showing the courage and character to stand up to the plan to license illegals and register them to vote.   Her courage, and that of other similarly minded county clerks, is one of the factors that carried the tide, according to this morning's New York Times:

[Spitzer] came to believe the proposal would ultimately be blocked, he said, either by legal challenges, a vote by the Legislature to deny financing for the Department of Motor Vehicles or a refusal by upstate county clerks to carry it out.
Let's also remember, and thank, the Monroe County legislators who voted to withhold county funds from implementing the plan:

Dave Malta (R)-- author of the legislation
Jeff Adair (R)
Stephanie Aldersley (D)
Mike Barker (R)
Mark J. Cassetti (R)
Robert J. Colby (R)
Ray DiRaddo (R)
Douglas B. Dobson (R)
Jack Driscoll (R)
C. Stephen Eckel (D)
Ciaran Hanna (R)
Tony LaFountain (R)
Jeffery L. McCann (R)
Ted O’Brien (D)
Dan Quatro (R)
Bill Smith (R)
Steve Tucciarello (R)
Mary A. Valerio (R)
Richard Yolevich (R)
Wayne Zyra (R)


TomT said...

You can't really believe this crap. I read your blog regularly and find you to be an intelligent, insightful observer.

You just don't seem like the type to be wetting his bed over illegal aliens.

Philbrick said...

We invited your comment by neglecting to state, as we have before, our reason for being glad the Gov. backed down over the licensing plan.

It's because all along we've supported Spitzer, seeing him as the only leading figure in New York politics with the intelligence and strength of will to effect real change in this state. As we commented here, we believed the licensing plan to be a major political detriment to Spitzer, and were concerned that it would impede the Governor from carrying out his agenda for change. Which, sadly, is exactly what's happened.

We like the "steamroller" aspect of Spitzer. Nothing less will get things accomplished in Albany. From the beginning we sized up the license issue as a loser for the Gov.

As we intimated in our caption for the impending announcement of his pulling the plan, we welcome its demise because of its implications for getting the oh-so-needed steamroller back on track.

There's been a lot of yahooism along the lines of "the illegal aliens are coming." That's not where we're coming from. Our concern has been that this has diverted our best hope for reform from his core mission.

Hope this makes our take on the demise of the licensing plan clearer.

TomT said...

Thanks for the clarification. Sorry if I sounded vitriolic with my criticism.

I agree that the licensing plan was hurting Spitzer and that he is the only political leader in the State with the vision to clean up the mess that is Albany.

Have a good Thanksgiving.