Monday, January 16, 2012

Comments, Comments, Comments

Our readers have responded robustly with comments to many of our recent posts.   In case you've missed them, here are comments on the the items that have attracted the highest volume of reader responses in recent days.

The truth is out there.

Maybe not in every comment, but it's out there.   This blog exists to frustrate those media outlets that suppress it.

Investigate the DA Scandal

Transition Watch

Not Even Trying

Real Journalists in Rochester, After All

An Apartment on Water Street

Signs of Panic

Totally Non-Political

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Anonymous said...

There is certainly a lot of gossip and commentary going on about corruption within the DAs office. It seems Sandy's new team includes a rejected federal court nominee, some judges kids who may have alcohol issues, some girlfriends of bureau chiefs, even one ADA with a criminal history... But do we have names of these people? Have they really broken laws or office or county policies? Is Sandy covering up bad behavior for her own political agenda?