Friday, January 6, 2012

Real Journalists in Rochester, After All

No sooner had we put up this morning's post about the scam in the DA's office, than we found this excellent reporting by Sean Carroll of 13 WHAM News.

Update 1:51 pm:   And then we found this, on Rachel Barnhart's blog, about Doorley's appointment of Democratic Party Executive Director Adam Bello .


Anonymous said...

It's like our very own soap-opera right here in Monroe County. Every day it seems some new scandal erupts from the District Attorney's Office. All we need now is some pregnancies and perhaps a coma. I am hooked now. What else is going on in that office? I am still awaiting the news about the Water Street apartment. I would like to know what some of the rest of the staff thinks about this. Have you heard at all from the fired ADA's or any of the current staff on how they are feeling about all this turmoil? I can imagine that things are pretty interesting around that office. I would love to be a fly on the wall over there. I can only imagine how much more is happening that we don't know. What are Sandy and Mike hiding... will the plot thicken??

Anonymous said...

Rottenchester commented on another post about political hack Adam Bello getting a job with the D.A.'s Office as most likely a Press Officer-type position after other comments pointed out that Bello has no experience whatsoever appropriate for this office.

Well, it looks like Bello (who took "some classes in Public Administration" has been given the top job of Chief Administrator for the Monroe County District Attorney's Office, a job he's clearly not qualified to do.

And surprisingly the D&C is completely mum over this politically motivated hiring.

Kudos to Sean Carroll and Rachel Barnhart. at least some of our TV reporters are capable of doing a fair story on this.

Anonymous said...

The D&C has gone into full "Operation Bash Maggie" mode in anticipation of the 2012 congressional race, which includes a never-ending series of articles by Karen "I'm Louise Slaughter's Communications Director" Magnuson's boy toy Andreatta on the airport and the county legislature, looking the other way when Democrats (especially Duffy, Doorley, Green, etc etc) or their appointees offend, and pumping Cuomo endlessly so when he comes to town to endorse a fellow Democrat it carries as much weight as possible.

I don't think I've ever seen a time when the D&C has become so blatantly partisan, and the campaigns have yet to really begin.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I loved this morning's article on the airport. Andreatta finds an airport managment company in Florida that thinks - brace yourself, now - that the new airport director needs airport managment experience. Andreatta offers Damelio and Walsh as examples of what happens when locals are chosen.

Mind you, all evidence suggests that the airport was run quite well under these two folks. They simply made very bad personal decisions utterly unrelated to airline negotiations and facility management. I'm just guessing here, but my hunch is that even people with airport backgounds have vices.

It's just the Democrats who are perfect.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you people know that Davy Andreatta and his bosses at the D&C know what's best for this community?

Oddly enough, the D&C doesn't ask why a former football player is placed in a high-ranking government position, and was regularly promoted while they purposefully ignored property violations and his not paying his taxes!

He was given special treatment by City government but the newspaper refuses to ask anyone at City Hall why they failed the public.

Andreatta and his pathetic colleagues are intentionally incapable of getting to the bottom of this.

Why? Dave, can you please comment here and let us know? I'd respect you more if you'd just admit that you are biased instead of pretending you are a fair journalist.

Anonymous said...

Real Journalists need real editors! Karen Magnuson has proven two things over the last few years. First, that partisan writing leads to circulation loss. Second, her form of partisanship, leads to credibility loss for her paper!
David Andreatta is a symptom of the problem not the cause. I find his actually writing that Susan Walsh was invited to a party of their ad agency, owned by Arnie Rothchild, funny while being sad! First, who do you invite to a party, your enemies? Second, when you read the story, she did not even attend! So the only reason to write it was to weave in the line about Republican party contributors.
Karen, I fear, has done our community and her own paper a disservice! Then, combine here with Jim Lawrence and OMG!

Anonymous said...

Karen Magnuson will lie to your face and tell you that the paper has had no circulation loss.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to pay for the D&C anymore. I cancelled my subscription and encouraged my family and friends to do the same. I refuse to give money to an organization that cannot report the truth. I encourage you all to do the same. I cannot wait to see what drama the Green/ Doorely DA admin bring us this week. Certainly seems never-ending.

Anonymous said...

"I cannot wait to see what drama the Green/ Doorely DA admin bring us this week."

Don't hold your breadth waiting to read about DA drama in the Democrats' Chronicle.

You'll see it on TV or read it here on Mustard Street first.