Thursday, January 5, 2012

An Apartment on Water Street

Thanks to our readers who responded to our requests for background information on various subjects.

If anyone can offer further information on the significance of an apartment on Water Street in the City, which may relate to a matter we've written about, please contact us at:


Anonymous said...

Not that this is germane to you post, but did you guys see that Mike Green is staying on in the D.A.'s Office for a while?

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you see this buried post from crack investigative reporter Dave "I do what the Dem Party wants" Andreatta?

Can you imagine if a Republican did this here in Rochester? I wonder if Dave would spend more than 5 minutes on the story and bury it even if he bothered to pen something.

Anonymous said...

is that where mike green keeps his mistress? (just a guess)

Anonymous said...

There's a rumor going around that Green and his girlfriend are finished and that he's trying to get back together with his wife.

Any truth to this?

Anonymous said...

More Democrat & Chronicle hypocrisy:|topnews|text|Home

No calls out to Richards to comment. No shots at Bob Duffy for promoting this guy and turning a blind eye to what this guy did. No Editorial attacking Richards for not forcing him to resign. and certainly no additional news coverage after this 1 single story.

You true are a corrupt media organization D&C and should be investigated by the State A.G. for your overtly cozy relationship with the local Democrat Party and their public officials. However, you'd probably exchange favorable news coverage for a free pass.

Simply pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The D&C intentionally buried the political hiring of Adam Bello to the supposed "non-political" District Attorney's office.

Anonymous said...

Listen, you all need to stop going after Mike Green. He's a Democrat and this community is not supposed to say bad things about Democrats. even if they're very bad people who do very bad things.

All personal attacks and nastiness are supposed to be directed at the GOP only.



Not A D&C Reporter

Anonymous said...

Are we ever going to get an answer to this?