Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Transition Watch

Since January 1, former District Attorney Mike Green has held the position of Appeals Bureau Chief in the DA's office, at $111,000 per year.   But not to actually do the Appeals Chief's job.   "I'm here for one purpose.   She asked me to help with the transition," Green told the press.

Thus, since January 1, the Transition has cost taxpayers $3,032.00.

Figure in benefits (most employers use 30-40% of salary) at 30%, and it comes to $3,942.00.

Will DA-in-Transition Sandra Doorley please describe the transitional services we taxpayers have received to date?


Anonymous said...

Where do your figures come from?

Anonymous said...

The salary info was in the D and C. From an open records request.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she took $111,000 per year and divided by 365 days in a year to get the daily rate, then multiplied by the number of days since Jan 1.

The 30% is a pretty conservative number. We've always used 35% for a loaded employee cost in the private sector... where we don't generally offer benefits quite as good as the counties (no pension, less health care contribution, etc in the private sector).

The math adds up.

Anonymous said...

Smugtown Beacon article on Greene nomination fiasco


Lucy said...

Actually, I divided by 366 days. This year is a leap year.

Anonymous said...

@Lucy - Ah, makes sense. I did the math roughly in my head and it was close - so I assumed that's what you'd done.

Apparently now you should revise the math to include the fact that we're still paying for his car. I bet (though I don't know this to be true) we're paying for the gas in it too.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget parking and cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Good point. If you go to the bottom floor of the garage connected to the DA office building you will find a row of parking reserved for high ranking DA staff... That garage is not cheap!

Anonymous said...

Soooo, any D.A. office transition news yet? Doorley cleaned house and then hired Mike Green back at a hefty salary to help with transition operations. And she hired Democrat political director Adam Bello who has no D.A. or legal experience to head up her Administrative operations.

Has our local media asked her for an update on how the transition is going and what they have accomplished thus far?

The D&C staff won't inquire for obvious reasons but can one of the television reporters check it out?