Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Senator Brooks?

Glad the state GOP picked Rochester for its convention.   But why? Population distribution would mean more delegates from downstate -- NYC, Long Island, Westchester and the Hudson Valley counties.   That might give more reason to hold it further east and further south.

The convention's only business will be to nominate a candidate for U.S. Senate to face Sen. Gillibrand.

Is the convention in Rochester because there's a move afoot to make County Exec. Maggie Brooks the senate candidate?   Just wondering.


Rottenchester said...

Maggie doesn't seem much for fools errands, and trying to beat Gillibrand is one of those, so I doubt that she'll be opposing Gillibrand this Fall.

Anonymous said...

Slaughter is vulnerable.With enough support/money she can be taken down.Maggie would be a formidable candidate to oppose
Slaughter.Might even make her actually campaign for a change.
...oh,I forgot..The D&C will push tooth & nail to insure Slaughter's
Imperial Hold on the district.
So much for Sweet Dreams!

Rottenchester said...

Slaughter is not vulnerable with the way that NY-28 is currently drawn, and that's not an endorsement of Louise, just a statement of fact. Look at a map -- any Democrat with a pulse could win NY-28.

The question is how the new district will be drawn. We don't know the answer to this this question because the NYS Senate just decided to add another Senator and therefore throw redistricting into litigation. But, my guess is that Slaughter's new district will be a Democratic district. The Republicans will want to draw it in a way that crams in every Democrat in the Rochester area. That's because the goal for Republicans is not to beat Louise, but to preserve some districts for one or more Republicans. I can't see it going any other way given that upstate is going to lose 2 districts.

This also means that Burkle will probably be in trouble in Syracuse and Higgins will have an even safer seat in Buffalo. The goal in WNY will be heavily Democratic districts in and around cities, so the huge (geographically) rural district(s?) can be won by Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Gillibrand is a total joke of a Senator. Brooks and several other prominent local GOPers would be leaps and bounds better as a U.S. Senator.

Sadly, Rotten is correct because Chuck Schumer will spend whatever it takes to keep this goofball in her job because she makes him look like a genius.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Brooks stood up with Gillibrand in support of her appointment back when.

That said, Brooks would be a very strong and credible candidate against the Senator.

Rottenchester's right about Louise. It's not happening in the current district. Maybe in a new one ...

Me and only me said...

I am running against Senator Gillibrand and have the most detaile platform of any party out there..whether you agree with my platform or not, it isn't just frill and smiles.
It's the right thing to do
Scott Noren DDS
Ithaca, NY