Monday, July 14, 2008

New Yorker Sinks to Democrat and Chronicle Standards

The cover of the latest New Yorker does to Barack and Michelle Obama, with a picture, what the Democrat and Chronicle does with words to local Republicans every chance it gets.

For portraying Obama and his wife in a false light, the New Yorker cover is both dishonest and offensive.

Every bit as dishonest and offensive as the D&C, whether it's falsifying information about Republican legislators "grilling" a board appointment, or claiming that candidates with Ivy League credentials and distinguished backgrounds are "unqualified" to run a local junior college if they happen to be Republican.   Whether it's suppressing information reflecting favorably on Republicans, as in this example and this one, or by doing the inverse, like falsely portraying a Democratic candidate for office in a way intended to portray him as "just a concerned private citizen," while concealing his real status as a politician.

There is a bright side, however:   stock of the D&C's corporate owner, Gannett Co. Inc., is down to $17.60 right now, thereby tracking the trajectory of the ethics of its Rochester newspaper.   A year ago it was above $55.00.   So maybe we're $37.40 per share closer to Gannett selling the paper, or getting taken over itself.

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Anonymous said...

To me, this is just more Democrat politics of Distraction.

Obama has been taking some real heat from his own liberal brethren because of his flip floppin on so many issues so he can pander the entire country.

He needed something to make people rally to his side again and since he has chosen to not take actual stances on issues, he needs sympathy support.

Jesse Jackson failed miserably in his attempt to help Obama out (anyone else see that youtube video. it was a complete joke. "Obama is talkin down to black people. I wanna cut his b***s off. What the hell is Jesse talkin about?) So the New Yorker comes up with a real winner.

Presto! Everyone is back drinkin the kool aid. Viola!!!

Just my thoughts.