Thursday, July 17, 2008

How About a Forum to Find Out Who's Buried In Grant's Tomb?

From a July 16 posting by Joe Spector on the D&C's political blog, we learn that Republicans in the State Assembly are holding "regional forums" to study the reasons why young people leave the state.

Spector politely suggests:   "Here's two answers: no jobs, high taxes."

Those aren't two of the answers, those are the answers.

We understand the political need to stage events, such as public forums, to get attention and to demonstrate a concern for problems.   We'd understand it if Minority Leader Jim Tedisco and his colleagues held forums to encourage public support for the policy changes necessary for New York to allow the creation of more jobs and to lower taxes.   They'd find receptive audiences.

But to study why young people leave the state?   What's next -- regional forums to figure out who's buried in Grant's tomb?

New York offers young people life as a galley slave of the welfare state and the public schools.   Until it offers something better, young people will keep leaving, and they should.

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