Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grand Opening

Monroe County Democrats celebrated the grand opening of new offices with cocktails on the veranda.

"We wanted to convey inclusiveness," explained a spokesman, discussing Rochester's newest architectural triumph. "Our design charettes came up with a bold concept that's relevant to all people, especially working families."

Others were inspired by the new landmark's practical advantages: "It's ideal for after-hours socializing for many of our members."

The yellow hydrant, front and center in this breakthrough public space, symbolizes the Party's commitment to the trans-species community.

In appreciation, Rex, a German Shorthaired Pointer known before his recent surgery as Osborn Hathaway, Ph.D., Professor of Multicultural Studies at Monroe Community College, said, "Woof!," before giving chase to a passing car.

Capturing the prevailing mood, one merry-maker enthused: "I'm so proud. It stands for what we've done for quality of life in the City, and our vision for the suburbs once we control the County."


Anonymous said...

Are those voting booths going to be used for the Dem primary between Dollinger, Frankel and what's-her-name?

Bad Christian said...

I know Rex!

He's about to become an Episcopal Bishop!

Porta-Person said...

The photo says it all!

Rachel Barnhart has a pic of this on the Channel 13 WHAM blog