Monday, July 28, 2008

Here Comes the New Boss -- Same as the Old Boss?

It was announced this morning that Ali M. Zoibi, General Manager of Gannett's Indianapolis Star is the new Publisher of the Democrat and Chronicle.   He replaces Michael Kane, who left to become publisher of -- The Indianapolis Star!   (Just one big family, is Gannett).

In reaction, Jim Hopkins, who publishes Gannett Blog, commented:

Indy:  Please brief Rochester on the ethically-challenged publisher that [former Star columnist Ruth] Holladay says they're now getting.

At this point, we have no way of knowing what Hopkins means by "ethically challenged."   But, really, can it be any worse than the D&C's blackout of news unflattering to David Gantt, or giving free, front-page advertising for its favored political candidates, or its unprincipled selectivity in publicizing allegedly wrong acts by only one side in public controversies?

We must regard any change in management of the D&C as offering at least the possibility of our getting an ethical daily newspaper of quality.

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