Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Golisano Gets It

Civic life in the State of New York cries out for the clarity of vision and expression displayed yesterday by Tom Golisano.   Speaking of the proposed 4% property "tax cap" -- an empty farce, as we've pointed out -- Golisano said that such a cap is like

"sticking a knife into someone, but promising not to stick it in any further."
At last, someone (other than we here at Mustard Street) has spoken up to say that the Emperor has no clothes.

Speaking at a rally for the 4% "cap" in Brockport, Golisano said that property taxes should be capped at zero percent growth in order to work.   He illustrated the point by observing that at the proposed 4%, it would take a century to equalize the rate between the average home in Rochester and the average home in Columbus, Ohio.

Recently we expressed hope that Golisano has a deeper understanding of the governmental/political world than so many businesspeople who become involved in politics.   His performance yesterday encourages us in that hope.

Keep it up, Tom.   Please make sure that no candidate gets funding from your new PAC without publicly committing to support a zero percent tax cap.

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