Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Fruits of Brooks's New Approach

The announcement this afternoon of the County's settlement with the school districts over potentially lost revenue to the schools under the "FAIR" plan represents perhaps the first concrete example, in the post-Minarik era, of the cooperative approach to government that Maggie Brooks has championed.

It's a significant win for the County, inasmuch as the likelihood of the Court of Appeals taking the County's appeal of its court loss was infinitesimal.   Sources tell us that the terms for paying the funds to the school districts are highly favorable to the County, allowing it to make payments over time.  This is a particular disappointment for County Democrats, since it spares the county from a $29 million hit to this year's budget.

It puts Democrats $29 million further away from their holy grail -- forcing Maggie Brooks to have to raise property taxes.

A win for the school districts and a win for the County Administration. Also a big setback for Monroe County Democrats, which, alone, means a big win for the people of Monroe County.

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