Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Republicans Are Too “Clubby:” “The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks!”

From Andy Rau's "City Blog" at the D&C:

On Sunday, the D&C’s editorial board issued their latest installment of “The blast of the trumpet against the monstrous regiment of Republicans!”

•   •   •  

Through the democratic process, the voters have installed a Republican majority in the county legislature, NOT a monopoly, as exists within the City of Rochester. The county legislators from the city districts mirror the political composition of the elected officials in Citygov: they are Democrats. Once again, this illustrates the urban-suburban split, with Republicans for the most part representing the suburbs and the Democrats Rochester. Once again, this is by the choice of the voters.

Admittedly, there have been some “swing districts, usually on the border of the city and the suburbs.” The 26th LD, for instance, has gone back and forth over the years between Republicans and Democrats, but I don’t recall the D&C applauding THAT fact.

And telling the Republican majority of the county legislature that they MUST cooperate with the Democratic minority for the betterment of “the Community of Monroe” ( that term again ) will fall on deaf ears simply because the voters who installed them like it that way. Just like in Rochester.

Unlike Citygov, there is at least debate in the county legislature.

Well worth reading in its entirety.

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