Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Slaughter: Part of Washington's Problem

Reading through the D&C's contributors' write-ups after the Slaughter interview something interesting appeared. Kellene Paul wrote, in part:

"...On the other hand, if a subject was broached that she felt unprepared to answer like the LDC’s (Local Development Corporations) that her opponent has been accused of misusing, she simply said she needed time to research it so she could give a more informed response. My mother calls that the “no fillers or fluff approach,” which means she does not use ready-made answers to pacify her audience.

In a political sea of venomous vipers, Louise is One Tough Cookie!"
Maggie Brooks' campaign manager subsequently pointed out that Louise apparently does have a stance on LDC's. He wrote:

What an embarrassing Louise Slaughter sycophant. Kellene - if you want to fawn over Mrs. Slaughter, that is your business, but at least do your homework.

Your claim is that Mrs. Slaughter "...felt unprepared to answer [questions] like the LDC's that her opponent has been accused of misusing....she does not use ready-made answers to pacify her audience."

Let's take a look at her website posting from June 1st:
"Maggie Brooks has driven Monroe County into $389 million worth of debt,” said Campaign Manager Liam Fitzsimmons. “Rather than tell local taxpayers the truth, Maggie Brooks has expanded the improper use of Local Development Corporations to hide hundreds of millions of dollars worth of additional debt and provide her campaign donors and political allies with jobs. Now, Maggie Brooks wants to bring this abysmal and self-serving record to Washington."

By your definition, without understanding an issue Mrs. Slaughter made an unabashedly nasty political attack. About as close to a "venomous viper" as I've seen in Washington.
To the Slaughter campaign:   Why is Louise tossing around nasty accusations if she hasn't researched the issue?   Her behavior is another example of what's wrong with Washington.

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Anonymous said...

Kellene Paul was the best candidate that the Penfield Democrats could put up for Town Board last election. Scary! A totally clueless gift to local Republicans. Watch her answers in the debates on youtube. Penfield Business Association and Penfield Green Initiative. Both left leaning organizations. Kellene did not even know what property tax assessment was!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Slaughter was being deceitful as you suggest, or maybe she's just becoming forgetful with age.