Tuesday, August 14, 2012

D&C Editorial Board: Coordinate Your Lies!

From a Guest Contributor:

In the Democrat & Chronicle's ongoing effort to help Louise Slaughter win re-election, the paper's editorial folks need to coordinate their stories better.

Here are three posts on the paper's blog by three D&C editorial board members, each writing about the same event:   Slaughter's visit with the Editorial Board.

From Jim Lawrence's blog post:

"And while she was moving slower than usual, you would too if you’d broken you femur bone just six months ago. And that would likely be the case even if you weren’t 83 years old as she is."
From Jane Sutter's blog post:
"She’s using a couple of colorful canes and walking slower than she used to..."
From Kellene Paul's blog post:
"At 82, she has beautiful skin and the spry and spunk of those 30 years her junior; walking towards the conference room, I had to practically run to keep up with her."
Wow!   Usain Bolt, get out of the way!

I doubt this is simply two different opinions about the measure of walking speed as perceived by the naked eye.

Now, if the conspiracy theorists out there think Ms. Paul is a Slaughter campaign plant on the editorial board to get favorable coverage for the spunky octogenarian ... forget about it.   You'll find that theory in the dictionary, under the word "superfluous."

The D&C is a principal organ of the Slaughter campaign.   As we approach Labor Day, watch for its systematic sliming of Maggie Brooks to begin, coordinated with, or at least playing off of, strategically-timed manueverings of state-level Democratic politicians.  

But the D&C editorialists can avoid insulting the public's intelligence if they'll at least coordinate their lies with each other before deploying them at large.

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Anonymous said...

With the obesity and her high blood pressure Kellene Paul spewed about in one of her prior blogs (may have been the one in which she talked about her murdered boyfriend), I hope someone had 911 on speed dial. For her and Louise!