Thursday, August 9, 2012

Great Insights into City Hall's Feelings on Diversity

Thank you to Christine Fien for pulling back the curtain a bit on City Hall's feelings on diversity in City News.

So the Mayor just wants to put a “face of color” on the new hires in the RPD and RFD to fool people in the city into believing that the RPD and RFD are “one of them”?

The Mayor is also quoted as saying, “I’ve got to get people in here who can qualify for these jobs and are prepared for them.”   “I suppose you could say that if I took some guy off the corner of Conkey and Clifford, he would know more about that neighborhood. But I can’t get him in to be a policeman in today’s environment. You have to have a whole bunch of things to qualify and, quite frankly, we need that, because we’re putting a lot of faith and confidence in these people.”

So what does that mean exactly Mayor Richards? You don't trust the people who live near Conkey and Clifford? Does it have to do with skin color, upbringing, or just being a part of that neighborhood? I can see why many people in the city have fear and animosity towards City Hall, as Lovely Warren indicated. City Hall openly admits they don't trust them. Seems like a mutual feeling.

What would be the reaction of a Republican spewed this garbage?

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Anonymous said...

On this, we agree totally. The things this mayor spews is pure insanity. He's about the most Republican Democrat I've ever seen in my life. Frankly, I'd rather see a Republican elected to replace him.