Friday, August 3, 2012

Allegations of Pederasty Against Harry Reid

Reid says he got a call from somebody he can't name who told him something he can't verify that reflects badly on Mitt Romney.   But he is making it public anyway.   And that the burden's on Romney to disprove the charge.

Now come allegations, of similar character, that the cranky old Senator from Nevada is a pederast.   See, Harry?   Anybody can play this game!

Google "harry reid pederasty" for more.


Rottenchester said...

Gosh, I had been thinking that the reason Romney didn't release his tax returns and squash this rumor like a bug, while making Reid look like a jerk, is that whatever's in Mitt's taxes was embarrassing but not illegal. But you're saying that Reid's accusation against Romney is equivalent to an accusation of child molestation. This means that whatever's in Mitt's taxes must be really, really bad, specifically, they're a felony. Wow, that's much worse than I thought.

The Gay Tattler said...

I Love Games!!(specially cock goes the weasel).All my well dressed boys out in Vagas,(Liza,Babs,Bette,Cher)all swear that 'ole scoutmaster Harry is the
absolute studmuffin at the "poker-
parties".Advice to the squeamish,
watch out for Harry when he's back home planting his garden.
What happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas.

Bitter Clinger said...

So far, Reid has not produced evidence proving he's not a pederast.

Anonymous said...

"Reid's father was so embarrassed about what his son would do someday that he killed himself at age 58."