Monday, December 6, 2010

Where are the Republicans?

Special election or appointment leading to a general in the fall of Nov 2011 is the elephant (no pun intended) in the room in Rochester right now.

Everywhere I go I hear people ask “Where are the Republicans on this?” “It is about time that the Republicans do something in the city.”   To this I almost always reply, Where are you?

Where are you during campaign season when candidates are out door knocking?   Where are you when it is time to talk to neighbors about what candidates you are supporting?   Are you even bothering to get out and support a candidate?

Most of the time the answers to my questions are met with blank stares.   So my challenge to anyone who cares about what is going on in the city right now is to get involved.   Stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to show up and change the situation.   Get out and make sure that it is happening by getting involved in a campaign or candidate that you feel best represents you.

And to all of the Democrats in the city:   if City Council opts for a Special election and you aren’t happy about it, send a message to your party that you aren’t going to blindly walk in and pull their lever any longer.   If you don’t, please don’t waste everyone’s time jumping up and down and yelling about how your vote was stolen.

So to the question of "where are the Republicans?," I ask again:   Where are you?


Anonymous said...

Excellent!! Very well said!

Anonymous said...

What is the point? Lets assume we had a candidate...Rich Tyson, John Parinello, Arnie Rothchild, someone... Bill Reilich would not be on board! There are few city Republicans to begin with. There is no way to circulate petitions and run a campaign without party support!

Anonymous said...

The City GOP is resurgent and will have to run a campaign on an up-by-your-bootstraps basis. Forget about Reilich -- he didn't even help Mark Johns, Ann Marie Buerkle or a bunch of other GOP candidates this year (while no one has a clue what his staff does over there all day). It could be done with the right candidate, but I don't know who that would be. On the other hand, if there ever were a time, this would be it. The Democratic bench is very very light. one with any credibility. Tom Richards isn't electable in a fair fight (think 700 at RG&E out on the street while he pocketed $10M for his troubles). Van White is a dope who's been fired from every job he's had. Mr. Dreadlocks has an anger management problem. Can you name any other members of City Council? I think a strong GOP candidate could actually take this, along the lines of a Rudy Giuliani in NYC.